Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Day, New Challenge, New Adventure

Life here has a tendency to vary widely from day to day.
Last week I was working to create new pins for the chicks on our farm. Baby chickens have a propensity to gather together for warmth, particularly in the corners of their enclosures. When they do this, the result is that the chicks on the bottom are literally crushed by it's counterparts and valuable property is lost due to suffocation.
Thus, the remedy is to round the corners of the pin which prevents chicks from piling in the corners and in turn prevents mass chicken death. While trying to reconstruct the pins, I was faced with the difficulty of extremely scarce resources (we were lacking nails for wooden structures and cardboard and duct tape were on their last legs...). So, the challenge calls for creative thinking and creating something out of seemingly nothing. After dismantling some old structures we were done with I recycled twine and a few container lids to created the rounded corners. Happily, there have been no more chicken losses :)
After returning to the city the next day I was asked to help host (plan, cook and decorate) a dinner party for 30 members of the community including the District Chairman and several other dignitaries. The dinner was to serve as the launch for a new HIV/Aids programme within our district. The event was a success and I was very thankful for the amazing women and men who helped me cook as well as my past experience in designing altars and decorating weddings!
Tomorrow I am teaching at Kasese Secondary. English and Literature (Shakespeare's Twelfth Night) in the morning and American Foreign Policy in the afternoon!
Thus, every day here provides its own challenges and opportunities for growth and learning. From building chicken pins, to entertaining African Chairmen, to teaching Shakespeare. I am throughly enjoying the diversity of my experiences and the unique adventure that is posed by every passing day.

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Lucy (Y) said...

Hi Lea -

(I'm just back from vacation and catching up on all the great blogs!) Sounds like you are making the most of your time in Uganda with a range of experiences - and using common sense and ingenuity to good purpose. Would be interested in hearing more some day about what you included in your American Foreign Policy class...good to hear about your continuing exeperiences. Lucy