Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did a Baboon just steal my breakfast?

June 28, 2009
I had a really awesome weekend which ended unfortunately on a bad
note. I went to Murchison Falls the national park in Northern Uganda
and camped there for 2 days while going on Safaris and cruises down
the nile which was amazing!

Murchison was amazing on the safari the animals get so close like I
could have reached my hand out and pet a lion if I wanted to! And
after we finished I was waiting for the ferry back to the sleeping
camp and like 15 baboons (rafiki from lion king) came out of the woods
and were climbiing on the safari trucks and running around. I went to
throw away a brown bag breakfast that was full of wrapers and a juice
box and before I could put it in the trash a babboon grabbed it out of
my hand! I screamed so loud ahah it was really cool though! I got a
video of it eating my breakfast leftovers which is really funny I'll
have to show you when I get home! The boat ride was really cool also I
saw like 100 hippos and crocodiles and it made me really excited for
two weeks from now when I got to Eastern Uganda, Jinja, the source of
the Nile. I'm going to be white water rafting for 2 days down grade 5
rapids! I can't wait! The falls were really beautiful also I hiked up
to the top and got some really gorgeous pictures!

Camping actually was really fun there was like a tiki hut resturant to
buy food and there were showers and toliets which is more than I can
say for my apartment here! But the camp is in the middle of the game
park so all the time there are warthogs (pumba from lion king!)
wandering around and snorting at you. They are actually really scary
they can smell food from kms away so if you leave food in your tent at
night they charge and tear it apart to eat. The cool part was that the
hippos come up from the nile at night to feed on the trees outside the
tents so at night you can hear them chewing and see their shadows!

I am really thoroughly enjoying my time here now and even though I
miss everyone very much I'm sad that I have to leave in about a month.
Work is going about the same as before I love all the kids I work with
and get really funny questions especially from the older high school
kids. I teach a senior writing class and two guys asked me what kind
of shampoo I use to get my hair to look like this because they were
convinced thta i was born with hair like theirs! They wouldn't believe
me when I said that I was just born different next week I'm taking
them my shampoo to prove that it's not magic!

I'm so sad that I will be missing 4th of July at home with Dad's
delicious grilling! But the US Embassy is throwing a party in Kampala
for all US Citizens and for $10 its dinner drinks and fireworks! I'm
pretty excited to be surrounded by white people for a change. I think
it should be fun. I miss you all so much and can't wait to be at home
with you! I hope you're having fun summers email me!

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