Thursday, May 29, 2008

Embarking on an Adventure

Due to "technical difficulties" which seem so common in our day and time, I was unable to post my thoughts and anticipations of my adventure until now...a day after my arrival in Kampala.
In my preparation for coming to Uganda I attempted to eliminate all expectations. I've found that expectations have a way of ruining experiences. You end up either sorely disappointed or utterly suprised, and either way, the expectations of an experience have detracted from the experience itself.
Thus, I didn't really know what I was getting myself in to...and have been revelling in the adventure thus far.
Kampala is a beautiful coming together of unbelievable traffic, men carrying live turkeys casually on their shoulders, hip hop music, drying carcasses, young professionals, gorgeous mosques, and a wide variety of invigorating odors...
Even during my brief stint in Uganda I have already encountered beautiful people with equally beautiful stories. Just a few moments ago I concluded a conversation with a genuine and charming young man from Kenya who, on a recent visit home, endured a horrifying attack (due to the elections/political unrest).
I've enjoyed delicious combinations of kasava, ground nut, goat meat and I look forward to more combinations. I am trying my best to remain fully present in every moment of this adventure.
In the coming days we will continue to explore and acclaimate to Uganda's capital city. We will shop and barter in the markets, attend traditional dance performances, and potentially a futbol match...
I expect a relatively different experience when I leave the hustle and bustle of Kampala behind and move onto CETRUD and the farm in Kasese. I am very excited about what experiences await me in the village, but for now I'm enjoying each part of the journey.


Lucy (Y) said...

Hi Lea -
Thanks for your blog - great to know that you arrived OK. Kampala sounds amazing. Creating your own experience rather than trying to fit expectations sounds like a good approach. Look forward to future blogs once you have arrived at your community site (if you can get Internet access!). Best wishes, Lucy (Y)

Danika said...

I also really liked this entry. Thanks for painting such a vivid picture-- I felt like I was in Uganda for the first time all over again.

I hope your transition to CETRUD has been going well; things are definitely different there than in Kampala! I'd love to hear what sort of projects you are working on!