Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's almost here!

In exactly one week, I will be arriving in Entebbe for the first day of my time in Uganda. Something that I have dreamed about for the past 10 years, is finally coming to fruition. I am excited, and at the same time terribly nervous. I'm wondering exactly what I will be doing on a daily basis and hoping that my work will include lots of time spent working with and teaching children. I cannot wait to meet all of the people at FOC-REV that I have heard so much about, and to see the amazing landscapes and wildlife of Uganda. My parents, in an effort to show their excitement about my trip, taped a program done my BBC about Uganda which focused on its history and wildlife and I am thrilled about seeing that in person.


Andy Stew said...

I'm soooo excited for you and the entire AGRADU team! I do hope you have an AMAZING time in Busia. Please please please give my best to Sheddy, Francis, Maureen, and the whole FOC-REV gang. You are going to learn and grow and discover and kickass so much!

Safe travels!
Andrew :)

Lucy (Y) said...

Hi Casey - By now you are in Uganda - will look forward eagerly to your blogs! The Uganda BBC program sounds like it was a great idea - anything folks can do before they go to understand more about the country, history, and culture of where they are going is really important. Its 101 degrees here - hope Uganda is cooler (?). all the best, Lucy