Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home in Busia!

We had the most exciting (and cramped) drive from Kampala to Busia! Before being completely out of the sprawling city we found ourselves battling what I would describe as a monsoon. It likes to do that here. Anyways, we drove through the torrential rain and hail (which abruptly ceases after about 30 minutes), passed through an area where the road had been amost completely flooded and a car nearly flipped, and got to cross the Nile! Pulling in to New Hope at around dusk, we recieved the most amazing, inspiring welcome by the 80 plus kids that live and study at the ophanage. The car was practically mobbed, and I was thrust into a swarm of hugs, handshakes and smiles before Ken even cut the ignition. Placing chairs in the middle of the schoolyard for us, the kids began a dance they had prepared and we spent our time in awe of what amazing people they were. I have never felt so immediately loved (we hadn't even done anything!?).
It has now been three days in Busia and the love and excitement continues. We are always greeted at the gate by a crowd, and I think I have been hugged more over the past few days than in the entire past year. We've figured out our schedule for the coming months, and I will begin guiding and counseling sessions at the primary and secondary school monday. I cannot wait!

Off to the market to pick up some fresh fruit! Mwebera!


Emily said...

Grace! Sounds like an amazing experience so jealous of what you're doing this summer. Just wanted to let you know that I'm following your travels, and can't wait to hear more!

Alex said...

when i arrived in prague i was greeted by mean scowls and people flipping me the bird, so it sounds like you're surround by a better group of people ;) Hope you're havin a blast, it definitely sounds delicious!