Thursday, June 4, 2009


A few updates on life here: I live with a family of four now and I fit in so wonderfully. The family is Maureen, Moses, Marica, and Maurice and of course, me! There is no running water, no indoor plumbing, my toilet is a hole in the ground and I've gotten bit my more mosquitoes than I can count, and I'm struggling to type this on a semi-working computer and internet in town but even with all of that said: I'm loving life here!!

Some exciting things to mention: We spent time in Kampala where we met so many nice people and peace corps volunteers, visited a mosque, and got caught in a torrential downpour. Life is Busia is very different from city life though. Even the journey here was interesting: we saw a baboon, crossed over the Nile, and even had to drive though a small flooded part of the road. Everyone has been so so nice and welcoming though, its been incredible. We had a welcome unlike any other that I've ever had before. When the kids at the orphanage saw our car approaching on Sunday night they were so so incredibly excited and we couldnt have been prepared for the greeting. They drug us out of the car and hugged us and told us how welcome we were and were just so wonderful. Then they took us to some chairs where they sat us down then sung to us. It was amazing. Since then we've seen the kids every day and grown so very fond of them. I didnt think falling in love would be so easy but I'm quite certain I have fallen in love with about 90 kids since Sunday.We brought them soccer balls, volleyballs, and even a frisbee. The kids love the volleyball and I don't think they had even seen a frisbee before! It is so wonderful to see them enjoying a game so much. I love just getting with them, playing with them, or just sitting and listening to them talk. We brought photos of our family and friends to show them and they loved that too! and now they also know many of the people close to me and they ask about them from time to time, haha. The kids are great. They are perhaps the most well-behaved group of people I've ever seen. They are so respectful of us and our things- when we get to the door they greet us and take our bags and set them down on the chairs and watch over them. They also ask for our cameras and then take so many photos and bring them back to us. Its so cute. I dont even need to worry about taking photos because they will for me! They are truly amazing.

We start teaching next week and we are setting the schedules today. We went to the secondary school around town and I will be taking over a math class for seconary level 2 starting next week, two days a week. Then I should be doing a younger aged math class and also I'll start working with the music group soon. I played some drums with some of the kids yesterday and they were surprised at me playing as I did- I tried to explain I study drums at school but I'm not sure they comprehend that. Either way, they loved it and I did too and now I have pictures because of the girl (Asha) who loves taking my camera for photos! haha

all for now :) more later. mwebera!

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Nicole said...

we told you these kids were amazing... i know its hard to believe just how amazing they are. i am so jealous of you all... i want to be there soooo bad... have fun!