Saturday, June 4, 2011

From the Middle East Africa

Where to start, where to start. After a beautiful night in the AMAZING city of Dubai, we finally touched down in Kampala. First off, Dubai was breathtaking! It is as if Las Vegas was just magically placed in the Middle East..but with A LOT more flavor and elegance. I got hooked up with a free night stay in a hotel and me and the gang took a night tour of the city. It is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to in my life, I absolutely loved it!
We arrived in Entebbe on June 2nd and were greeted by the lively and energetic, George. His excitement to see us and work with us this summer put me at ease and made me feel so much more comfortable. George works with one of the grassroots organizations that AGRADU partners with (Katosi Women's Development Trust). He has been wonderful in assisting us adjust and get everything in order in Kampala before we are disperse to our different internships. Exploring Kampala has been exciting and exhausting. It's such a huge much larger than anything I expected. The heat is real and the showers are cold, but the experience is such a blessing and I have wholeheartedly been enjoying every second of it. The lifestyle here is slow...very slow. But it really has allowed me to breathe and absorb every hour of each day. A LOT of reflection time and even more time to meditate on my intention and purpose here. I leave for Busia (New Hope) tomorrow, so this time has been wonderful and I have appreciated every minute of it.
Today is my last day in Kampala before I am off to the real deal. Mixed emotions about leaving this developed city to go to an extremely rural town..but I am ready. I am grateful for what is to come, thankful for all the experiences thus far, and most importantly I am aiming to wake up each day with the utmost intention, acceptance and openness to grow.
Hopefully, I can update you all after settling into my home in Busia.
Keep it classy, America.


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