Friday, June 10, 2011

Week 1 in Uganda

Our group embarked for Uganda about a week ago and, as mentioned by several already, we have had a number of adventures thus far. Among these include nearly missing the plane from JFK due to a quick turnaround, a 4+ hour excursion through Kampala during a crucial international soccer match, watching Leona Lewis music videos with George (which he has on DVD), eating all new yet delicious types of food, an unexpected guest making themselves at home in our hotel room in the middle of the night, a quick taste of what one can do with oil money in the exquisite city of Dubai, getting stared at everywhere we go, feeding bananas to monkeys with tails twice as long as their bodies, watching a helmetless motorcycle driver speed past us wearing a shirt proclaiming, “Use your head, wear a helmet” in huge letters, listening to stories about people with so many siblings they don’t even know all of them, etc. Our wonderful host family includes Rehema (who works at the KWDT office in Kampala with Zach and I), her husband Frank, and their daughters Denise and Rachel, age 4 and 10 months. They live in a quiet, village-like atmosphere a significant drive to the bustle of the big city of Kampala. More details about my job in the office will come in the future, as this work week featured a day trip to Katosi Tuesday to visit some field sites (areas where KWDT does their work) and we saw Leslie, Kristen, and met all of their crew, as well as a public holiday Thursday (Heroes Day, our Veterans Day equivalent) which was spent at George’s place and picking up some things in town. This weekend we are all planning to meet up in Jinja, the city famous for being the source of the Nile River. That’s all for now.

- Grant

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