Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fears, Hopes, Excitement

With one week left to go before I leave, it is finally hitting me that I will be in Uganda for the majority of the summer. After taking about an hour to go through previous posts, the threat of malaria seems a lot more real and the problems seem a lot more daunting. While the idea that my problem-solving in Uganda will amount to more than just a grade is scary, perhaps it's scarier that my problem-solving in Uganda may amount to nothing. Many of last year's interns voiced frustration over how little they could accomplish but I suppose that's more a realization that 8-9 weeks is not as long to a country as it is to an intern far away from home.

I'm hoping, as I stated repeatedly in my interview for this internship, that I will see and pet a variety of exotic animals. I'm also hoping that I can find a way to be productive there. Beyond that, I'm hoping I don't catch malaria or anything else.

Regardless, I'm excited to go to what sounds like the complete opposite of my hometown, Richmond, Virginia. 1 week!

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