Thursday, May 21, 2009

Off to Save the World

I'm leaving on Saturday - to stay a couple days with "family" in Dubai. I've never met them, so it'll be an adventure before an even bigger adventure!

These past two weeks have been incredibly busy. I stopped to say my hello's and goodbye's to everyone at least once. It was fun answering the question, "So what are you going to be doing over there?" with "Save the world!" every time since I'm not entirely sure. I am incredibly excited about this CBO though, because it seems to have all of my possible interests packed into one place. I'm not too worried that I don't already have a set agenda. I think the flexibility is freeing and exciting.

And now as I begin/finish packing I am beginning to get anxious, as is everybody. A million things to do and one day left. I feel like I'm going to get over there without anything and everything even though I've been packing for a week. Right now my main concerns are the immediate about traveling by myself and if my iPod will hold battery through the whole plane ride. Perhaps my 12 hour flight will give me time to take in the gravity of an experience I've been dreaming about for years.

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