Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Final Countdown

I've been running around like a mad man trying to get everything together for my summer in Uganda. Much to everyone's surprise I have started packing well in advance for a summer that is sure to bring adventures and surprises. I'm exited for my experience, but more appropriately...I'm anxious. I have my thoughts of what this summer will bring but I know that i am completely underestimating what I will experience in the next 10 weeks.

It's funny to tell people what I'll be spending my summer doing; they all give me a look of surprise and then it never fails the next comment is always, "did you get all your shots?" Cracks me up every time.

As for what I will be doing when I'm over there...that's a good question. All I know now is that I will be working in a CBHP (Community Based Health Programme) with young men and women with HIV/AIDS. I'll be meeting with the director when I get there to figure out where I fit best and what exactly my interest are and what skills I want to learn and develop while I am there. It's neat to think of what I am going to do while I am there, but to be completely honest...the things I do for them will be much less then what they do for me. I'm excited to see where this summer takes me.

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