Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blog I wrote when I was packing things in China

So it is prepared for almost one semester and finally comes--- I’m leaving for Uganda in three days! I just got back in China two weeks ago and I am heading for another country now! Although I’m a little bit homesick (Yes I hadn’t been back in China for one year!), I’m still so thrilled for this trip! And finally today I started to pack my baggage. My trip to Ghana last time totally convinces me that I can definitely survived with 2 t-shrits and money( last time my baggage delayed for 20 days. I survived for 20 days in Wa with only my shoulder bag). Only 3 days for packing thing? I know I need to hurry up! But since I’m so excited and energetic these days, I think I can be really productive and finish this mission.
I need to prepare myself with no Chinese in following 2 months. I never lived in any no-Chinese environment for such a long time (or maybe I can expect my African friends can speak Chinese?) seriously I need to set a goal that teach all AGRADU girls with basic Chinese and ask them practice with me lol.
I don’t know what exactly I’m going to work in Uganda. However no matter what job I’m going to have, I should keep a curious mind. You can really know a lot from asking questions. I’m so excited that I can live in a totally different culture for more than 2 month. I know I will really learn a lot from this experience!
Yes yes yes I need to go back and continue my putting-everything-in-a-tiny-suitcase fight.
And yes I’m so thrilled for this trip!

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