Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hopefully for the 8 weeks that I'm in Uganda, my extremely awkward writing style (run on sentences are a personal favorite) won't get in the way of posting a semi-legit blog. As of right now, there are approximately four days until I leave and I've been running back and forth between my house, REI, Target, and other "prepare for a trip to Africa" places like I'm some sort of psycho whose had 5+ cups of coffee and 8 bags of sour patch kids.

I'm freaking mostly because I'm excited, and some because I'm a natural born spaz. In response to J. Reddy's blog about cutting back on her food portions, I've actually been doing the opposite and eating enough to sustain a fully grown elephant. But seriously, I've eaten like 3 chocolate milkshakes today and it's only 1:12 pm.

As a rookie traveler, I've never been anywhere with the exception of Niagra Falls in 6th grade. Needless to say I'm a travel wuss, although I'm sure Canada does have its rough spots. Basically my goals are to rid Africa of as many mosquitoes as humanly possible, to learn everything I can, to help everyone I can, and to not get stampeded by any of the numerous amounts of wild animals. We'll see how that's going when I post again next week. Uganda, you aren't gunna know what hit you.

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