Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mzungu mzungu!! Hi hallo wasup friend

Greetings from Kampala!

It’s been 2 full days here, and I can easily say Uganda is one the greatest places I’ve ever been! The lifestyle is so different- walking down the street people call out “mzungu!” meaning “white person”. All the interns are finally together and it’s been great exploring the city together. This morning we went to the biggest market “Oweena”, it was huge! You have to be so careful buying things- the people triple the prices for the “mzungus” so you have to bargain like crazy. Colleen, one of the interns, got proposed to in the market. Sadly, she had to turn him down.

Everything here is Obama-mania too. His face is on t-shirts, dresses, bolts of cloth. Any worker or taxi drive will immediately bring up Obama the second they think you are from the US. Luckily, we’ve all avoided sickness, but I still look at every meal as a game of Russian roulette with my stomach. Tomorrow all the Katosi interns are going to the Kampala office for our orientation & meet n’ greet with the staff of the KWDT- can’t wait to see what I’ll be doing! Off to Katosi on Sunday to start work Monday! Until next time!


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Keith said...

I'm paying attention, can't wait to see more, but it's about to get harder to post. Be safe, have fun, love, dad