Monday, May 31, 2010

Spaghetti, Stars, & Strawberry Creamcheese

We made it to Katosi!

Yesterday the interns officially split (sad story!) and all headed off to our work site, so me and Colleen made it into the "field" site of the KWDT in Katosi. It's a great town. Right now, they don't have electricity and haven't for a month, but they are expecting a new transformer within the month, FINGERS CROSSED!! Mama Gertrude is who we are staying with in Katosi but she is currently in the hospital with ulcers- we hope to have her back soon! There is a peace corps volunteer as well in Katosi and she has been very helpful in showing us around the town. Last night we made our first official meal, SPAGHETTI!! Actually very good since the noodles were imported from Italy!! A lot of the food is imported- my cereal is from egypt, jam from the UAE, etc. the spaghetti was amazing and very much like home it was wonderful. The night before we left kampala we all went to go see Sex and the City 2. The movie wasn't great (warning, not a sex & the city fan) but the atmosphere was heavenly, I forgot I wasn't in the US!! The stars in Katosi are incredible- I've never seen so many! There is always someone blaring loud african music next to mom's house, so its honestly like we have a soundtrack to our lives in Katosi. Today we explored the town, met the police (to let them know there are now THREE mzungus living in katosi), and fed monkeys bananas!! I'm slowly getting used to the Ugandan life, except the latrines. I will never, ever again take for granted the wonder of plumbing and running water. Time's almost up in the internet cafe, but in case you were wondering why Strawberry cream cheese is in the title, its just the one food I'm craving beyond words. Until next time!


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