Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gettin' Reddy (get it?)

Hey kids. Jamila Reddy here. So I leave for Uganda in less than two weeks, and I'm feeling more than unprepared. Moms is holding down the fort. I have no doubt that everything will be taken care of before I leave. I've been in a panic the last three weeks about my passport and visa and yellow fever immunization card, which has been held hostage at the DC Ugandan Embassy because I sent the wrong envelope. #Fail. No worries now, though. I got my Visa on Friday -_- (sent it off much for "Express Overnight").

I have a wisdom tooth growing in (awesome timing) so I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to make sure nothing crazy goes down with it while I'm in Uganda. I'm really just excited to see what it's like, to meet the kids at New Hope and to be away from technology for a bit.

I'm racking up on my books and refurnishing my iTunes, ready for three months away from Twitter and UNC and people who move too fast. I'm sure I'll be ready to come back to it all circa August, but right now, I'm excited.

I've also started eating less....One: because that Junior 15 was not a joke and two: because I know my diet will be all kinds of buckwild in Uganda, and I don't want to get there and feel like I'm starving.

Talked to Miranda on the phone today about Mountain Shoes and water filters, feeling really positive that she's my travel buddy. :)

Welp, that's it for me. Off to a birthday potluck. Until next time.

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