Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kampala..interesting to say the least

So, today is day 2 in Kamapala, Uganda. We met up with two of Laurens friends, Ben and Andrew who are also here and have been for about 2 weeks. They showed us around the city and took us to some of the hot spots. We went to this huge market called Oweena (sp?) So many people were there and kept trying to get us to buy things, its ok at first but then gets a little annoying after a while. Most Ugandans get excited when they see either me or Jamila. They dont seem to call us "mzungu" or foreigner as much as the other interns. They just say "ohhh black american!..and proceed to ask if we are related to Obama. Lol. We also went to a couple of other markets that have a ton of handmade jewelery, dolls, dresses, shoes, and other handmade keepsakes. I will definately be going there to stock up on things before I leave. I had my first Ugandan meal at the hotel today. It was pretty good, pepper steak and potatoes. Not traditional Ugandan food, but made here nonetheless. I have a couple of more days to explore here before I am off to Busia. I am a little nervous because I dont know what to expest or know what I need to buy here before I go. A mosquito net it definately necessary though. Until next time...

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