Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are You Ugandan??

Uganda is amazing, but the sun is something serious. We are right near the equater so the beams are so intense. Its not muggy and unbearable here like it is back home sometimes but I am actually about 5 shades darker already. I have really bad tan lines on my feet from my sandals. Its actually hilarious.

The kids at the orphanage are so freakin adorable. There is this one kid that was abandoned from Kenya that came a couple of days ago named Oweeno. He is about two years old. He has started to warm up to everyone and had the most adorable smile ever. I am seriously going to ask my mom to consider adopting him. Anyway, I am teaching Primary 6 which is like 5 th grade English and Creative writing. Its kind of a struggle because they are so far behind and its hard for them to understand English with an American accent. I am making it work though. Thursday I taught them how to count to 10 in Spanish during the last few minutes of class and they loved it. It was like the first time I actually enjoyed Spanish. Our living situation has been interesting. At first we were living in this small hotel room. We had to move out quick because of the previous reason and it would cost way to much to stay there for the entire summer. So we found a house and rented it for about 150 dollards for the whole summer. Its pretty nice and it was just built. We're basically living large in Uganda....NOT. The day after we moved in we lost electricity,which in Busia, that means we also loose water. I was the saddest. Total darkness for 3 days, we had to bathe in bucket. I was mortified. I have learned that I am a bit of a diva when it comes to things like this. BUT, I will say that out of all my friends, Im the only one who could probably survive it. We get our meals from the directors house where these two funny women named Olivia and Faith are the housemaids that cook. I really enjoy them. There are acually alot of Ugandans and Americans our age in Busia who we get to hang out with. There are like 5 interns from Harvard and 2 from other schools. So thats pretty cool. Most Ugandans are really kind but I do get tired of people blatabntly staring at me everywhere I go. Its not rude to stare here like it is in America. Me and Jamila took a weekend trip to Jinja this weekend to meet up with some of the other interns in Uganda. They are absolutely hilarious/crazy. We just got back from a boat cruise on Lake Victoria and saw the source of the Nile River! The guy driving the boat asked me was I from Uganda. I told him, no I from the U.S. when in actuality, being an African American, I really dont know where I originally came from. I could possible be from "western Uganda." He said I favor the Mbarara people. Interesting to say the least. Last night we went clubbing. The club was nice but the music was horrible. All they played was like some bad 80s music. The club we went to in Kampala the first week here was 20 times better. I would really like to stay another night but we promised the kids at the orphanage we would be back for church tomorrow since we didnt go last week. Im cool with that though because we are going on a safari in like two weeks with the other interns!!! yay.