Friday, June 25, 2010

"It's my life...mind yo business!"

I've been out of the US for a whole month! It's hard to believe. I'm going to be in shambles when I have to leave all of my babies, but I'm super excited to reach the halfway mark.

Here are some photos :

Matthew: the most stubborn baby in the world. So precious!
Joseph, just woken up from a nap....or about to take one. He and Matthew are getting adopted by a couple in Kansas in a few months. Cute!

Josephine, Junior, Stephanie (Harvard Volunteer), Sumaya, (Blessherheart I forgot her name), Miranda, and Becky outside of Ken (Director of New Hope)'s houseKen's House (aka "The Big House"). Pretty baller for Uganda. Just sayin.

Avery, Regina, RANDOM KID WITH A UNC SHIRT (GO HEELS), Emily, Julia, and Miranda in Jinja!Our typical Lunch: Rice, Potatoes, Matoke (green bananas, basically), and avocado.
Some of the kids in the Resource Center playing with coloring books
That's it for now. Bye-ee!

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