Sunday, June 20, 2010

Real World: Katosi

WOW- it's officially been 4 weeks since I left the US!!

It's strange, because though time isn't flying by, I still have a hard time believing it's been so long! Seven of the nine interns travelled to Fort Portal this weekend to do a little hiking and further sight seeing of Uganda! Fort Portal is a small but incredibly beautiful town surrounded my tea plantations and with the Rwenzori mountains as a backdrop. We got there in time to watch the US-Solvenia match at a mzungu bar with a few other fellow US travellers. Disappointing game but they had pizza where we watched it and that made up for any hard feelings. I'm finding the hardest thing in Uganda for me is the lack of can't find it ANYWHERE!!! We also went mountain biking (on bikes circa 1980) to the caves and crater lakes and that was breath taking!

As for the internship- I'm meeting with the Katosi-Kampala staff Tuesday and possibly Thursday to discuss my intern project and what I'll be doing the remaining 5 weeks! I've pretty much settled into a routine of teaching M/W at St. John Bosco primary school (where there is now a grand total of 5 mzungus volunteering!!!) and excited to start a sanitation club there this week! W/Th I work with the Katosi c/u Primary school sanitation club and sports clubs- hoping to start a clean water project (that I learned about via a National Geographic magazine my uncle gave me the day before I left- thanks Uncle Ellis!!) this week as well!

Can't believe we're getting close to July! Hope everything stateside is well, with love from Uganda!


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