Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Good Evening, Madame Everine, Ah-vry....Avery?"

Greetings from Katosi!

Exciting things are happening this week in Katosi at St. John Bosco Primary School! We had our first official Sanitation and Health Club meeting on monday and had about 80 kids attend and sign up to be in the club!! Tomorrow, we're starting our first project and building tippy taps!! Tippy taps are hand washing stations that are pretty basic but let the kids wash their hands after they go to the bathroom, so I'm really excited to get those implemented. Lauren and Scarlette-the two KWDT interns that work in the Kampala offices, are coming tonight to help us build the tippy taps tomorrow! I can't wait, everyone at the school seemed really excited to get them built!

Life in Katosi is still great, but no signs that electricity is returning any time soon! (can you believe it Mom- 4 weeks sans electricity, doing pretty good eh?) Colleen and I have our little routine carved out and have gotten to know some of the different shops/stands, etc. We have our regular chipatti man that usually gives us a discount or free mandazi, Rachel, the world's most precious 3 year old that waits for us to walk by so she can run out and shake our hands, and finally there are enough kids that know us to call us "madame" when they see us instead of screaming "MZUUUUNGU!", which is a pretty nice change.

We went for a run yesterday to the top of the cell tower hill- and had a whole procession of kids run with us! By the time we reached the top, 6 of the kids had stayed with us and sat in our laps once we got to the top. It was one of the cutest things I've ever witnessed. It's going to be a change running at home without having my little support group behind me!

For the 4th of July, myself and some of the other interns are going to attend the American Embassy's 4th party in Kampala- pretty exciting! Hoping for a meet and greet with the ambassador, but who knows! Can't believe we have less than 4 weeks of our internship remaining! Until next time!


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