Thursday, June 10, 2010

please do not flush your dypers...

says Reuben, circa 10:30 pm last night. regina, julia and i wonder what in the world Reuben means by "dypers" when 20 minutes later we realize he is actually talking about feminine products. Since weve arrived in uganda, there have been several miscommunications between us (the muzungus) and the ugandan people. these include but are not limited to: understanding the meaning of bathing costumes, confusing the lugandan word for water with the lugandan word for feces, and accidentally telling our boss that fornication is okay all the time in the united states. i feel like an idiot most/all of the time, but luckily everyone here is so welcoming that they just laugh it off.

the last week and a half in bukasa (the village we stay in) has been much different than life in kampala, the big city. we went from late night clubbing at blu haze to playing soccer with the boys in our village (who are absolutely ridiculous at it). bukasa is much more quiet, minus the roosters that crow literally every .5 seconds. at the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, i like the village more than the city because the sunsets and starry nights are one of a kind.

last sunday mom (literally, our mom for the summer who makes the best food on the planet) taught me how to kill, pluck, and cook a chicken. needless to say, it was an interesting experience.... much like walking almost an hour to the nearest town to buy cadbury chocolate bars and renting bootleg copies of greys anatomy was. seriously, how american are we?

work is slow, but its getting more and more busy every day. today we are learning how to immunize all the little babies, and ive already learned how to identify almost every disease in the lab! even here everyone can pick up on how nerdy i am.

this weekend some of us are going to jinja for the world cup opening match, and before that regina, julia and i are going to a school in mukono to perform some sort of a hip hop dance and then do HIV testing. not sure how the two of those are related, but im excited and slightly terrified.

Tunalabagana (see you soon!)

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Mike said...

Hilarious account of the happenings! Sounds like you are having fun. If you really went to the South Africa match I am SO jealous.
Have fun, be careful, and I'll work on the beef jerky care package! XOXO