Monday, June 21, 2010

hating on potholes.

So, despite being in a bus on literalllyyyy the bumpiest roads of all time for a 10 hour round trip, hiking/biking through the Rwenzori mountains definitely made breaking my tailbone worth it. This weekend we went to Fort Portal, a town in the mountains, and we went on a tour through caves, a waterfall, and crater lakes. All of us had the most amazing view of the Rwenzoris near the end of the hike, on the top of a huge hill (could have been attacked by a swarm of killer bees living nearby, but hey). My lack of athleticism really showed when I could barely move any of my limbs after the 16 mile trek. Although the bikes were made in approximately 1995 and were slightly ghetto, this mountain trip was one of the the most fun I have ever been on. I was so proud of all the interns for sticking through the whole thing.

Sorry Blue Ridge Mountains, the Rwenzori Mountains definitely pwn you.

Tomorrow, the Kyetume girls are going to our first primary school of the summer to teach kids English, Math, and Health Science. When we went to visit earlier today, all of the kids rushed to the office to greet us. They looked so happy I almost cried. Leave it to me to post another corny blog, but I'm really looking forward to teaching a few days a week for the remainder of the summer. We are also looking into painting a mural on one of the schools and repainting the clinic I work in. Who would have thought a bunch of science nerds could be so crafty?

Safari this weekend; needless to say I am beyond excited. If I don't see an elephant I may punch someone, but rhino tracking should be pretty cool. Until next time, mukwanos (friends)!

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