Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Real World: Katosi

Week 2 in Katosi!

So Colleen and I have finally figured out a rough routine and idea for what we will be doing with our time here, and I’m slowly getting used to village life.

Still no electricity, every time you ask you get the response “yes, they are bringing it back soon” so we’ll see what soon really means. I did my laundry today- a process that took an hour and was a nice “3-cycle” wash, meaning there are 3 different buckets where you rinse and scrub your clothes. Surprisingly, hand-washing is pretty effective at getting stains out, but I think I’ll stick with my machine once I get back home. Colleen and I went to Kampala on Saturday to see the other Katosi interns, Lauren and Scarlette, and plan out what we can do together for the KWDT! We also went to Bukasa on Sunday to visit with the Kyetume interns and catch up with what they are doing (I also used them for their shower. BLISS).

Colleen and I teach twice a week at St. John Bosco Primary School. It is a brand new orphan school started in January with apparently a western benefactor named “Kathy”. We mainly teach math and social studies to the P.4s, but are slowly getting to know everyone so that we can start talking about bringing water and sanitation initiatives to the school via the KWDT. When we went on Monday, we taught the kids duck-duck-goose, and while it took a while for them to catch on, once they did they LOVED it. Cutest thing ever.

Excited for the world cup to start this weekend! Even though we won’t really be able to watch it in Katosi the excitement is definitely all around.

And one last little Uganda story: I had my iPod stolen from my room by little boys who poked sticks through the window and grabbed it. To make it even better, when the village people put out and announcement they found it, and I got to pay $25 to get it back. So yeah, I got to rebuy my own iPod. All a part of Real World: Katosi.

Over & out!