Thursday, June 10, 2010

yellow beetles

I have officially been in uganda for TWO WEEKS! it has been amazing to see the beautiful scenery and the people of uganda who are extremely friendly. As of now, me and my kyetume girls have settled into our apartment in Bukasa surrounded by neighbors that have been very helpful in our quest to wash and dry our own clothes. the people I work with have also been super nice and I will be working with the resource center and the clinic during the week. so far I have drawn blood that didnt end so well since I fainted the second I saw it ha, but o well thats how it goes. I am no working in the lab but I am doing counseling with HIV patients which is very exciting. I went on a home visit to see the patients I helped counsel and their stories were amazing. It is incredible to know how much effort people in the community have to make to get to the clinic for their medicines. It really opened my eyes to the struggle these patients go through and made me really happy that I was going to be working with more patients like them.
One of the greatest aspects about Bukasa is the kids. they were so happy to see us when they first came and even today they still act like its their first time seeing us as they jump at us and love to play. As julia and emily played soccer with the local boys, me and the girls were practicing a photo shoot as every girl loves the camera, it was really precious how they imitated tyra fierece poses. And we also cheered on the mzungus playing in the field. Im loving uganda.
until next time!!:)

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