Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last Week's Failed Post

This weekend Avery, Jamila, Miranda, Emily, Regina and I went to Jinja to watch the opening rounds of the World Cup together and explore the town that is known as “The Source of the Nile.” It was wonderful. We were let off of work a little bit early on Friday and caught a mutatu so that we could get there by the start of the first game.
We stayed at a little place called “Explorers Backpackers,” a popular hostel for foreigners stopping in Jinja. There were people from all over the world there and it was really interesting to hear about all of the different experiences that other foreigners are having during their stay in Uganda. Watching the World Cup there was unbelievable; even being on the same continent that the tournament is hosted on is truly wonderful.
After watching a couple of games on Friday, we spent our Saturday exploring and relaxing in the sun, which I got a bit too much of. Sunday we went to Bugadali falls with and watched all of the rafts go down the rapids.
The first couple weeks of work were a bit disorganized, but things are starting to fall into place. It’s hard adjusting to working here because there is a lot of downtime and things rarely work out as planned. However, with unreliable internet, power, and transportation, things can’t always work out perfectly and that’s just something that I am having to adjust to. We talked to our boss and let him know what we wanted to work on, so our weeks should start to be a bit busier. We will be doing more home visits and field work for the Orphan Support Programme and HIV counseling and will be making more visits to schools to help teach.
It’s hard to believe that we have already been here for 3 weeks because the time is flying by. This week we have 3 microfinance/OVC visits planned, a couple visits to Health Clubs at schools, and immunizations to do at the clinic. On Friday, some of the interns (hopefully all) are going to Fort Portal, a small, scenic town at the base of the Rwenzori mountains.

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