Sunday, July 4, 2010

pick which one doesnt belong: bathroom, toothbrush, hippo.

soooo about the safari. it was literally one of the greatest experiences of my life. however, it turns out every time you wanted to use the restroom in the middle of the night you actually couldnt because huge hippos roam around and grunt outside your tent at night. and in the brochure for the safari it warned "not to call the emergency contact if you encounter a hippo because there is really nothing we can do about it." this upset me, because i feel like people that are constantly around creatures that apparently kill more people on land each year than crocodiles or wild cats should at least have a hippo reference book for situations such as these. if i came face to face with a hippo you better freaking believe i would have called that emergency contact faster than you can say " citrus fanta." it was also difficult to use the restroom because there were huge monsoons/ mini hurricanes that swept through the red chili safari camp every night. welcome to the wild wild west (well, east, technically).

anyways, the safari game drive was amazing. we saw tons of animals, and my two favorites, elephants and giraffes, were literally ten feet away from our van. i had to stare and drool like an idiot tourist for a good thirty seconds before i even caught my breath enough to take a picture. in the beginning i was a little overzealous about any animal i saw and so now i have about 20 million pictures of a guinea fowl (a small bird that waddles awkwardly...not so different from myself). we took a boat ride on the nile up to Murchison falls, which is one of the more scary and powerful waterfalls ive seen, and saw crocodiles, a ton of cool african birds, and even MORE hippos. plus, i got to hang out with a rhino mom and her baby. all in all, this was probably my favorite african experience so far.

tonight im ready to rep america and celebrate my country's independence 4,000 miles away. should be a good time. Happy 4th!

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