Sunday, July 11, 2010

bead it!

this week I learned how to make paper beads! there is a group of women that comes into the resource center every thursday to get together and make beads to turn into beautiful jewelry. At first when we sold the beads in chapel hill it amazed me how they were made of paper but now when i actually saw them making it, it really was a beautiful process. They cut up the strips of paper from maps and magazines and cut them with an angle to make the beads more round or long. The lady Christine that was teaching us had been making beads for years and was very nice and patient with us as we were carefully learning how to roll the paper.
I ended up making beads for hours and going back to the village and cutting magazines to try it out some more on my own. It is a very relaxing process and I felt very accomplished that I actually made them on my own. Hopefully my mom and family will appreciate it when they get it as their christmas gifts:)

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