Tuesday, July 6, 2010

green chickens?

I cannot believe we only have a couple more weeks left in uganda, it makes me really sad to think about it. Sometimes i still cannot believe im here and every morning i wake up to a rooster it hits me. I am so excited that we have water again in our village! I definitely realized how I take running water for granted and that I cannot live taking bucket showers. As I was talking to my mom about it. it made me realize how many people in the world live without the basic necessities that we take for granted such as electricity and water every day.

On a lighter note, Im still teaching primary 2 for the kyetume sda primary school and today i learned to never give kids stickers. They went absolutely nuts with the stickers. I'm not sure they have ever had stickers before because they wanted every single sticker I had. It was so much fun seeing how much they loved putting stickers all over eachother and their faces.
Oh and on my way to work me and jules saw green chickens. It was very strange but our conclusion was that the owners dyed it to distinguish their chickens from the rest.

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