Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Leaving soon??

It's hard to believe that I'm leaving in less than 2 weeks. It feels like just yesterday that I arrived here and now it's already almost time to say goodbye. I have grown to love this place and the people I have met so much, and it will be very, very hard to say goodbye.
However, despite the tragedy that happened in Kampala this weekend, I am trying to make the best out of my remaining days at work. Today was my second to last day teaching at Kyetume SDA Primary School and was my favorite day thus far. The kids rarely get to do anything "artsy," so yesterday I went to Mukono and bought each of the kids in my class a pack of colored pencils. Today, they used to pencils, which they were thrilled about, to illustrate their dreams for the future. All of the kids wrote a few sentences about what they want to be when they grow up and then drew a picture of it. It was so cute to see the different responses. One girl wants to be the president of Uganda so that she can "make everyone happy." Another wants to be a policeman to "keep the law and order in Uganda and protect the people." They loved getting to tell me all about their future plans, and it was so interesting to hear them. Tomorrow the school is having its annual field day, which is a competition among local schools in various sports. I can't wait to go watch the kids and cheer them on.
Today we are also going to finish the necklaces and bracelets we have been making with the women's group. I've made a million beads, so it will be nice to finally turn them into something.
Things are winding down and it's starting to hit me how much I've learned about the world and myself this summer. I am ten thousand times more appreciative for the things I used to take for granted (i.e. a warm shower, clean water, pencils for school, shoes to wear..) and have a renewed passion for doing what I can to help make this world a little bit better. This might all sound somewhat corny and cliche, but this summer has truly meant the world to me.

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