Sunday, July 11, 2010

shake n bake, baby

Basically our cheer for this entire weekend, the reason why will remain unsaid. We are back in Jinja this weekend for the World Cup finals (go Spain!), and yesterday we saw Bujagali Falls in the Nile River.

This past week has been chill, but fun. We learned to make beads out of strips of magazine paper with the women that gather every Thursday at the resource center. I've been a bead making fiend for the past five days; its a little bit addicting. Sweet, now I'm a bead junkie. Better than any other kind of junkie, I suppose. It's quite aggravating and stressful when they start coming unraveled, but I'm improving. The women that gather are so cute, it reminds me of a Ugandan style book club/ dinner club, like the ones my mom and grandma are in.

On Friday night we had "girls night," and our 11 year old, 12 year old, and 7 year old neighbors came over to do hair and read magazines. They are seriously the greatest. We can't even really understand each other but we just laughed and sang and danced the whole time. Well...they sang. If I had tried to sing the small village children would have probably began crying.

Two more weeks in Africa; I can barely believe its almost over. I'll be happy to be home but I'll also miss the feeling of being here. It's so calm and beautiful, no one is ever in a rush and the stress level is always at a minimum (unless you are me, in which case you turn what most people would call a tranquil activity, such as bead making, into a stressful experience). Leaving is going to be bittersweet. 8 weeks, 5 pounds, and a couple of battle scars later, I've changed a lot inside and out.

Cheeseball cheesebal cheeeeeseeeballllllll, is what I am. I need to do something hardcore soon.