Thursday, July 15, 2010

Intern Project Rocks 1 (Lauren’s)

On June 29th, Lauren did her awesome intern project in the women meeting in Kampala. This was a meeting about record keeping. Lauren managed a trust building activity and awarded three good women record-keepers bio-sand filter. In the trust building activity we played a game called mine field. Let me explain this game first. Objects are scattered in an indoor or outdoor place. In pairs, one person verbally guides his/her partner, whose eyes are closed or blindfolded, through the "minefield". The challenge is for each blind-folded person to walk from one side of the field to the other, avoiding the "mines", by listening to the verbal instructions of their partners. After we put all “mine” on the ground, we got to show the how to play this game. I, the “blind”, followed Lauren’s instructions to cross the field. I was a little bit scared after Lauren blindfolded my eyes since I felt so insecurity within a totally dark and unfamiliar environment. And actually that is what this game emphasize, although you are in an unfamiliar environment, trust your partner and follow her instruction and then you can cross those mine. It was really funny to watch a “blind” girl avoiding stepping on the mine. Every time I following Lauren’s instruction skipped a mine, those women would burst into laugher. It is such a lovely game that every women wanted to try it. After almost every women play this mine field game, Lauren gave a speech about trust and leadership. Rehema commented that it was really a successful project. In the past when women had meeting, when one had a negative and distrustful comment, it would disappoint and distracted the goal in the whole group. After this meeting those women should learn a lot about trusting other and respecting others’ ideas.


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