Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our daily life

So after 4 weeks Lauren and I have already been accustomed to our office life and find a routine to follow everyday. Wake up at 7:30 and usually have some bread and butter for breakfast. Go to work around 8:30. Check email fist and them continue working on grant application. Once we finish an application, we will go to search on new grants. These days we are really productive and finished lots of application on their rainwater-harvesting project and women leadership project. We usually have lunch at 13:30 and finish our daily work around 5(obviously this week is a busy week, Margaret, Rehema and Vaal usually did not leave until 7 everyday.). Time after work everyday is my favorite part. We usually go for a walk and buy some vegetable to cook for dinner. After 4 week our neighbors finally get accustomed to 2 muzungus walk around every day. They finally did not stare at us as if we are two pumas escaping from a zoo.
After going for a walk, we go back for a rest in the office and then star to cook our dinner. Even thought I’d stayed in America for a whole year and I was craving for Chinese food so much, I never thought of cooking or tried to cook. It is such a surprise that I learn how to cook in Uganda during my internship. So far I have cooked lettuce, eggplant, fried rice and I’m sure you won’t try anything I cooked after you see them, but still, I survive by those food I cook. After dinner, we go surfing on internet a little bit and went or sleep at 11:00 or 12:00. that’s our typical day in Uganda.


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