Thursday, July 22, 2010

goodbye ugandaaaaa

I cant believe i am boarding a plane to leave uganda in 4 days. it really hit me how much im going to miss everything about this country, well not everything especially the latrines but the people yes. We had to say goodbye to our class at the school we teach yesterday and it was the saddest day ive had here. My teacher was amazing and gave me a sign made out of palm leaves that said "regina we love u" and i almost bursted into tears. One of the girls in my class started crying when the teacher told her it was my last day, it was the saddest thing. I love my kids so much and will miss them terribly but hopefully will be able to keep in contact with my teacher and get updates from them. I had them do a project in which they said what their dream was and many of them said lawyer, president, pilot and policemen and women. I am so happy that they have these dreams and hope they accomplish them someday. I learned alot from my teacher about the schooling system of uganda and its amazing how hard it is to go to the university and beyond. But my teacher was very optimistic about the kids in the class which was wonderful because her optimism spread to their determination to do well in school. Overall i never thought i would enjoy teaching but my class proved me wrong. I cant wait to hear about them soon.


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