Thursday, July 15, 2010

Intern Project Rocks 3 (Scarlet’s P4P)

On July 5th, Lauren and I went to Katosi again to complete my intern project. My intern project, Postcard for Progress, is to basically build up the initial art and postcard exchange for the students in Rwanda and Uganda(it is like a pen pal thing) . I and my partner in Rwanda acting as on-site coordinators collected around 60 postcards and songs from students and distributed those postcards and CDs to the other. In the last time we get to Katosi, Heidi and I have already talked to the teachers in Katosi C/U Primary School and Trio Primary School. They welcomed us very much to carry out the project in their schools. This time we brought the project description, Letter of Introduction, postcards, markers and music-recorder to these two schools. In Katosi C/U Primary School, Christopher, the teacher we communicated with, had already asked 25 students to prepare for their favorite songs. After we got there, 25 student had already gathered in a classroom, Lauren and Colleen helped me to guild them to create their postcards and I recorded their songs. It was a perfect first-time experience. Students there drew great pictures and write lovely introductions about themselves. The day after, we went to Trio Primary School. With the experience last time, the project went on smoothly. In total we collect 54 postcards and we are going to put them into CDs. We intended to bring some CDs back to these two schools as well as their pen pals in Rwanda. We will leave some envelops and postages for them to write letter to their pen pals in the future. Hope the students can continue their connection with their pen pals after we set up the initial exchange!


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