Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grant writing can be legit

In the beginning of this week we saw our coordinator Margaret. She just came back from French. I thought after Margaret came back we may change our job and have something other than grant writing to do. However Margaret did not assign us any new work but just asked us to keep working on what we’re working before. At first I’m a little bit frustrated since any English writing cannot arouse my interest. However things changes after I finished several grant applications. I felt really fulfilling that I’m making contributions to KWDT! And when we get mission completed, I feel really proud of myself (yay lol)! So far I have finished the Ford Foundation Fund inquire and Open Society grant application and now working on Open Meadow Fund. Because of writing applications we need to writing bunch of background information and example proposals. Now I get familiar with so many different projects. I enjoy my job very much!

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